How You Can Copy This Simple System To create Your Own Range Of Information Products.

From the home offices of: Robert Corrigan & Barry Joyce
Re: Learn the simple system that used to start our own Product Creation Business

How many times have you heard the expression to make a real success of selling digital products

And yes, producing your own products does sound very daunting (everything is the first time you do it) but it also becomes much easier with practice. There is a big learning curve there and there are no end of great courses and guru’s about that will charge you thousands upon thousands of dollars to show you how it is done.

So, you may ask yourself is there anyway that I can start doing this quicker and most of all without the big price tag that comes with it, let us face it finding a few thousand bucks is never easy when you don’t have that amount of spare cash lying around.

So, What If There Was a Way To Show You Exactly How You Could Get Started Right away producing Your Own Products Today Without The Big Price Tag And The Big Learning Curve, Would You Be Interested?

In the Product Creation Roadmap we will show you the very best and quickest way to start today to produce your very own product in double quick time.

We will take you step by step through the whole process on the road to product creation success.

We Have Put Our Entire Expertise Into This Home Study Course Based On Our Years Of Experience In Product Creation. 

Here Is What Is Included In The Product Creation Roadmap? 

We have broken the whole course down into six phases.

Phase 1 - Starting Points

Where and how to start.
What makes a good product? Separating the wheat from the chaff. 
Market places and how to use them. 
Essential research, your essential research plan. 
Selecting a red hot niche.
Planning out your product.

Phase 2 - Product Preparations

How to organise your product production.
Mapping out your product.
Making a start compiling your product. 
Reviewing your product. 
Sales page and product page templates. 

Phase 3 - Creating Your Pages

Creating a sales page with copy that sells.
Basic HTML skills.
Affiliate resources.
Creating a download page. 
Legal pages.

Phase 4 - Simple Tech Skills

Setup your domain.
Uploading product pages to your hosting. 
dealing with the techy stuff without stress.

Phase 5 - Selling Your Product

Listing your products for sale on the big digital seller sites
Effective listing strategies. 
The does and don'ts of selling online.

Phase 6 - The Next Steps

Rinse & repeat.
Building a portfolio of products. 
Dig deeper not wider.

Just look at the results that we have obtained by learning and
applying the skills contained in this great course.

results Like These!

And These!

All Content Delivered On Over The Shoulder Video

Each phase is supported by look over the shoulder video, watch, copy apply its that simple. We show you all the tools that you need to get started right away and these are all FREE.

Learn this brilliant quick start process with nothing left out! 

The Product Creation RoadMap Includes: 

Access to our exclusive private members-only website .

Full training on producing your own product

Access to our dedicated help desk team of experts and professionals who have years of experience and knowledge.

In just a few days you can have your first product completed
and ready for sale. 

Get Started Immediately Even If Its 3AM In The Morning

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